Frequently Asked Questions

• Is the facility within the “Los Angeles 30-mile Studio Zone”?

• In what city are you located?
We are located in the city of Acton which is north of LA just off the 14 freeway.

• What is the size and dimensions of the Pool / Tank?
42 feet long and 24 feet wide, with a maximum depth of 16 ft.

• Is the Tank indoor or outdoor?

• Was the pool / tank built specifically for underwater filming and training?
Yes. The Pool / Tank is a custom built underwater filming stage built specifically for underwater filming (e.g., motion picture, television, commercial, music and print photography production) and training (e.g., lifeguard and rescue-swimmer or training needs).

Is the water in the Pool / Tank heated and filtered?
Yes. The pool / tank is equipped with state-of-the-art heating and filtration systems.

• Do you have a Hot Tub/Jacuzzi for actors and models to stay warm in during takes?
Yes. There is a Hot Tub/Jacuzzi area at platform level for easy access that can easily accommodate up to 6 people.

How clear is the water?
The state-of-the-art filtration system filters water to microns of clarity.

What if we need the water to look like an river, lake or ocean?
The clarity of the water can be changed to match any ocean or river, lake or desired setting.

• How do you get large/heavy set pieces into the tank?
There is ample space for forklift and crane access directly adjacent to tank.

• Is there a staging area for trucks and equipment?
A large staging area exists directly adjacent to the tank. An additional 2 acre staging/parking is adjacent to the property.

• Is there a compressor available for filling scuba tanks?
Yes. We can provide all of your scuba needs -- a high-pressure air compressor system for scuba cylinders air fills, scuba cylinders, hookah line with regulators, wet suits, BCD’s, masks, fins, weights, flotation devices, underwater communications systems, and much more.

• Do I need a film permit for parking?
No. There is plenty of room for parking, so parking on or blocking the street is not an issue. Plus we have 5 acres of land at your disposal.

• Do I need a film permit for shooting?
Yes. The facility is available 24/7. For Exceptional Activity Filming after 10PM you do need a permit Please check with Film 213.977.8600 or

• What else is the factility available for?
The factility is available for Law Enforcement Training, Diver Training, Public Service Works, Student Film Productions, etc.